Lean Canvas Ideation of a baseball field. From the pitcher's mound - Problem: Strike 1 - There is no WMLB. Strike 2 - Lack of representation for women in sports. Strike 3 - Inequality in funding for women's sports. Home Plate - Solution: DAO structure for community-based governance and decision-making. Homerun for DAOmocracy! Letting fans call the shots. A fan-create NFT platform that contributes a % of sales to fund DAO. First Base - Value Proposition: A league of our own. No really, you own the team. Putting the "all" in baseball using blockchain technology. All that is needed to take ownership is participation. Second Base - Community: Sports Fans; Early adopters; Collectors. Short-stop - Cost Structure: Development and infrastructure. Legal costs. Startup costs (i.e., incorporation costs to account for taxes). Third Base - Channels: Websites and dApps; Social-media; Partnerships with existing sports blogs and influencers. Left-Field - Revenue Streams: NFT Sales; Sponsorship; Merch / Licensing; Ticket Sales; Media. Center-Field - Key Metrics: Fan Engagement; NFT sales & contributions; Number of active participants. Right-Field - Unfair Advantage: First to market; Existing reputation in sports & innovation; First mover in DAO-based sports leagues; Strong baseball community that already exists.